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ahu-ahu virus!

I'm soo stressed out and over-fatigued with my never-ending "ahu-ahu".
I can hardly sleep at night, it's giving me a hard time finishing my works and tasks each day, makes my body weaker and weaker. AYOKO NA! please take it! huhuhuhuhuhu.

Thanks to the "power trio" for their moral support! grabe. so much talaga ang update nila when i was nearly bed-ridden.

*June 26
Nagluya diay ka..pgtake ug med lang huh. tsktsktsk.. [rocky,1:05pm]

Don't compromise ur health oi! Kaon pgud dghan. Tpos tke a deep rest. Set asyd sa mga worries. [rocky,2:55pm]

Musta na feeling nimo?ok na? [rocky,7:06pm]

Dili pa japon ka ok?hmmmmm.laag rai kulang ana lang..hehe [rocky,9:01pm]

*June 29
ga?musta nmn ka? ayo nka? [raymond,8:37pm]

ayooooooo. ayo na c lanie? [rocky, 6:59am]

dili sa mglaag ha. puyo dira. ayp na. [rocky,5:56pm]

*June 30
ga? wla jpon ka naayo? inom lng gud ug tambal..ayaw sa laag relax sa dira ga..maayo ra lage ka.. [raymond,3:13pm ]

msta namn among miga lanie? [glen, 5:15pm]

ga?get well soon ha.. [glen, 11:07pm]

*July 1
ga, ayaw sa pgpinutong huh, humok sa ang ulo para dali raka maau.^^, [glen, 3;10pm]

lang..pgtarong pagud...pacheck-up na.karon na. lagota ui. inom dghan tubig. [rocky, 6:14pm]

*July 2
inom2 pud lge ug tambal. unya kaon tarong dli mgbilar mgrelax dli hagoon ang sarili kaon dghan gulay prutas..gahig pug ulo.tumana rgud q lang maskin kron lng.. [rocky, 2:15pm]

tulog nata ha, ayw na pgtx2 dra, pgsign-off na sa imong mga fans..sugod ugma sau nka ma2log, bwal sa ang mall. tpos tumana daun kad2ng gitxt nq knina..pg dpa gni ka maulian, wa nq choice..ipaubaya n tka kai bro..btaw lai ampingi jud na imung self..kpital nimu nah..saon nlng q..ganahan pd o..bitaw saon nlng ang power trio..ang tribo akro..kng wla ka..hehehe [rocky,12:08am]

*July 4
lang!!! ayoooooooooooooooo nka?huhuhu [rocky,8:15pm]

lang...lai...laag nlng diri beh..huhuhuhu [rocky,9:12pm]

porbida! ngpaulan pud cguro ka noh. ayay! pabaya njud akong miga bah. [dho,11:18pm]

cge2..aunod nlng ka anhi. puhon2. amping diha ha..kusion tah jud kah bah f dli pka maayo! hehehe [dho, 11:25pm]


COMDDAP Davao Expo 2009

Where the highest mountain in the land rises over the vast rich plains of Davao, where the king of Philippine birds soar over his domain, the giant of all Philippine I.T. shows once more unfolds its latest event. It's COMDDAP Davao 2009 - the biggest I.T. expo held regularly in the South.

The event will showcase tech updates, tech dealers, business exhibits and our most awaited Adobe Seminar series. As what our instructor/class adviser[Sir Ryan David Pillerin] told us [BSIT Major in Multimedia], the Adobe Company rarely conduct/offers such workshops in the Philippines, most unlikely here in Davao. The said seminars consists of four sessions:

Dreamweaver CS4

Contribute CS4

Flash CS4

Fireworks CS4

The registration fee per session is Php480. Sir P told us that we will be joining only the last two workshops since it is more complicated to study at and ofcourse, considering the financial matters.

Fireworks CS4 is a hybrid imaging and rapid-prototyping application with an enhanced toolset and a greater
variety of options. The Fireworks CS4 Seminar demonstrates how to navigate and customize the workspace in this design and production hub, as well as provides a primer on the array of graphics that can be created and combined in Fireworks, including bitmap and vector art, layered Photoshop and Illustrator files, and files in the native Fireworks format, enhanced PNG.
It demonstrates creative uses of text, animation and effects. It discusses how to generate optimized web graphics as well as entire interactive prototypes based on CSS, HTML, PDF, and AIR. This seminar is intended for those who are new to Fireworks or who are seeking insights into the techniques made possible by the latest version.
Flash is a powerful multimedia creation tool that can be used to build simple animations, full-featured applications and everything in between. The Flash CS4 Seminar offers new Flash users a thorough explanation of the interface, tools, and techniques at the heart of any project. It will show participants how to use the latest iteration of the Flash drawing tools and timeline, work with text and symbols, and create tweens and other simple animations. It also explores multimedia elements like bitmap graphics, sound and video. He shows how to use ActionScript 3.0 to add interactivity to Flash projects, discusses integration with other Adobe applications, and more.

The course outline/description for the Adobe Seminar Series is to be conducted by Boyett Pinlac, President, Dreams and Visions Interactive Inc. (DVI)- and Adobe Gold Partner. The expo will run from July 2-4, 2009 at the Cattleya Function Room, Apo View Hotel, Davao City.

[Brief Info]In 1997, the manufacturing sector was integrated in COMDDAP mambership, making the association a better and more diverse representation of the IT sector, and thus the new name, COMPUTER MANUFACTURERS, DISTRIBUTORS AND DEALERS ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES.


Gasol: second idol!

Wearing jersey #16, Pau Gasol became the first Spaniard to win a championship title in the recent NBA 2oo9 Finals joining the hit Los Angeles Lakers team. Phil got him from the Memphis Grizzlies trading his younger brother Marc. They had a wonderful tandem or hook-up with my number one Kobe Bryant which was obvious especially in Game 2, where Gasol's lay-up shot did the overtime which made them win. I really like this guy's intensity during games. I mean, he may not rule every game or score powerful shots but he definitely have his heart on the team. This 7ft power forward/center is really a key addition to the Lakers.



wow. it's been almost a month since my last post.
i'm currently at school, assisting the ITE admin for the summer class enrollment. freshmen ranting, persuading and bragging you to put them on their desired section, irregular studs being impatient, noisy other freshies, latecomer co-officers (no offense guys! hahahaha). now here starts the heavy duties and responsibilities as an ITE Program officer. heck! LOL. but really, it's fun. no sweat!

for the first semestral enrollment, we'll be here again to assist and give our heartfelt service to you our fellow UIC-ITE students. (char. nangangampanya?LOL)
just approach us. we'll be wearing this shirt designed by our legislator, yamato:

---to be continued.